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  • aluminum pcb separator
  • Pcb Magazine Loader|SMT loader
  • Lowering Gate conveyor/telescop
  • 1.8 Meters Preheating Wave Sold
  • SMT unloader/Double-track Unloa

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ASCEN technology
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we are the SMT Peripheral equipment manufacturer. serve for the SMT production line equipment.

Add:Industrial zone,Chan town,Guangdong province.
E-mail: info@pcbasc.com (Jason)
Skype: supplier889



Here is list of our Best-Seller Products :
1.900 and 700 pcb cutting machine
2.pcb cnc router for different PCB board
3. 6 zone Computer Control Reflow Oven. Item number: AS-3000
4. 0.6 meter Long Preheating Compact Wave Solder Machine. Item number: 06D. 350
5. Loader and Unloader in different sizes, 250mm, 330mm, 390mm, 460mm
6. Different size Linking Conveyor
7. Shuttle Conveyor( for line combiner or separator)

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